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the garden approach

our founding principle is that we are 'advertising and media professionals in recruitment, not recruitment specialist in the advertising arena'. We believe that in such a highly specialised market, you can only find the very best people if you have worked at the coal face for a significant amount of time.

since the garden was first seeded in dec 2003, our world has changed dramatically. The lines between media and creative agencies, above the line, integrated and digital agencies has blurred. We still believe that despite the multi channel consumer and the rise of social, experiential and branded content, it still comes down to strong original ideas, well crafted, that capture consumers interest. However, in this new world, the demands for management skills and experience are slightly different. In response to these demands, Zoe Bartlett, who spent 25 years working with top class media agencies, has recently joined forces with Alison Tindall in the Garden.

Alison and Zoe's combined network is now a strong combination of top media and creative agency people providing 'best in breed' of modern communications talent.

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